Transform your everyday cup of coffee to something amazing with NESTLÉ®’s COFFEE MATE®! This NESTLÉ® creamer is the No.1 coffee creamer in Singapore, manufactured with the assurance of NESTLÉ®’s 100-year heritage of milk expertise and trusted by generations of Singaporeans.

COFFEE MATE® is not just about making your daily cup of coffee amazing, it is about transforming your mornings to something that you will look forward to every day. COFFEE MATE® ensures that each cup of coffee is perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of creaminess to make a perfect cuppa! COFFEE MATE® wants your first sip of the morning to be flawless so that you can always start the day right.

Even if it is just about adding richness to your cup of coffee, the NESTLÉ® COFFEE MATE® is constantly pursuing new ways to transform your morning cuppa to be always enjoyable. COFFEE MATE® is made for everyone and has been loved for generations. This rich tradition of making an impeccably balanced coffee with the help of NESTLÉ® COFFEE MATE® continues to be enjoyed by both young and old. COFFEE MATE® is here to enhance your everyday moments, making every sip of your coffee smoother and silkier.