MAGGI has a long tradition in creating efficient culinary
solutions and easy to implement ideas that produce balanced,
great tasting meals. It all began in 1883 with Julius Maggi,
whose vision was to make good tasting and nutritious food
accessible to all.

MAGGI provides ideal food solutions for meat, poultry,
seafood, ethnic, and vegetarian dishes in a wide range of
cuisines. Whether it is entrées, gravies, soups, or sauces, just
spice up any recipe with MAGGI to experience why it is the
world’s most frequently purchased food brand*.

Every day, amazing culinary moments take place in kitchens
around the world when chefs with limited time and resources
rely on MAGGI to get perfect results on every plate.
You can trust us to deliver consistent quality, products, and
profitable solutions to meet your business needs. After all,
NESTLÈ PROFESSIONAL know you only demand the best out of
your kitchen and excellent outcomes for your customers.

 *Kantar Worldpanel 2016