MAGGI Concentrated Chicken Stock 1.2KG

The MAGGI Concentrated Chicken Stock is made from real chicken in a ready-to-use liquid form that will help to save you precious time and cost. Made with fresh chicken, what you get is a full-bodied, long-lasting, double-boiled chicken flavour, aroma and taste, all together in the MAGGI Chicken Stock bottle, making it an ideal choice for most.

The MAGGI Chicken Stock is four times more concentrated than scratch-made chicken stock with only 5 minutes required for stock preparation. Enjoy the homemade goodness of real-brewed chicken in a bottle, all while saving time, effort and cost!

Economical and flavourful, our Concentrated Chicken Stock is extremely versatile and can tolerate long cooking periods and extreme heat, while dissolving quickly in hot or cold applications. The subtle and balanced base is suitable for Asian and Western cuisines, and you can rely on it to enhance the umami flavours of the dishes.

Apart from just using it as a chicken soup or as a soup base for any soups, you can also elevate your stir-fry dishes and use our Chicken Stock as a base for braising sauce. From a hearty, flavourful chicken soup for yourself to the popular and classic hotpot that is perfect for family gatherings, you will find yourself reaching out for a bottle of MAGGI Chicken Stock to add a finishing touch to all your dishes.

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Pack Size: 1.2KG x 6

Application: Chicken soup or as a soup base for any soups, stir fry dishes like vegetables, meats and seafood, the base for braising sauces

Shelf Life: 10 Months

Certification: HALAL