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MAGGI Concentrated Vegetarian Stock 1.2KG

The MAGGI Concentrated Vegetarian Stock, made for vegetarians, is ideal for soups and sauces or can be used as a base for vegetable dishes. MAGGI Concentrated Vegetarian Stock is made for a naturally rich and long-lasting taste, as well as for enhancing the aroma. This vegetable stock is suitable as a classic base for any dishes – or you can use it as a taste booster if you prefer to make your stock from scratch! Apart from just using it as vegetable stock, the MAGGI Concentrated Vegetarian Stock is a great addition to help elevate the taste of your dishes, making it an ideal companion for most in the kitchen.

Aside from being flavourful, it is versatile and saves time as well. Our vegetable stock concentrate tolerates long cooking periods and extreme heat. With the MAGGI Concentrated Vegetarian Stock, you can get a rich and flavoursome stock in five minutes by adding it into boiling water and save yourself two to four hours of stock preparation time!

The vegetable stock concentrate is in a ready-to-use form that suits hot or cold applications, making it both economical and easy to use. The subtle and balanced base is perfect for different dishes in the Asian and Western cuisine including Lo Han Zhai, Vegetarian Szechuan Soup and braised Yee Fu noodles.

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Pack Size: 1.2KG x 6

Application: Lo han zhai, vegetarian szechuan soup, braised yee fu noodles, base for braised dishes and sauces, subtle and balanced base for Asian and Western cuisines

Shelf Life: 9 months

Certification: HALAL

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