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MAGGI Liquid Seasoning 800ML And 200ML

Every dish needs a little something to make it truly unforgettable! MAGGI Liquid Seasoning gives your dishes a concentrated boost of flavour, delighting customers and making them want to come back for more. Our liquid seasoning perfectly enriches flavours, injecting umami flavours into all dishes – from stir-fry’s to soups and stews.

MAGGI Liquid Seasoning has no added MSG and is made from a blend of vegetable extracts with savoury flavourings. It is simply the best UMAMI flavour-boosting that is 3 times more intense than regular soy sauce. MAGGI Liquid Seasoning’s umami-flavour is made from 100% wheat protein that is naturally fermented over 7 weeks. Its unique aroma, which is easily distinguishable, comes from an ancient herb that has been secretly guarded over generations and is the undisclosed recipe that makes the MAGGI Liquid Seasoning stand out from other liquid seasonings.

MAGGI Liquid Seasoning makes for an excellent marinade because of its faster flavour penetration and robust work aroma that is further enhanced during wok cooking and even after the dish is served. A small amount of MAGGI Liquid Seasoning certainly goes a long way. Only a few drops are needed to elevate any dish without affecting its colour – making it the perfect liquid seasoning for steamed fish, stir-fried noodles and seafood, Kung Bao sauce and so much more!

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Pack Size: 800ML x 6 | 200ML x 24

Application: Steamed fish with soy sauce, stir-fried noodles, stir-fried seafood, kung bao sauce, meat marinade in stir-fry and braised dishes, Chinese-style BBQ sauce

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Certification: HALAL

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