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MAGGI Mashed Potato Complete Mix 2.5KG

Here at Nestlé®, we believe that a good serving of creamy mashed potatoes is the solution to smaller problems in life! Had a bad day at work? MAGGI Mashed Potato Complete Mix is here to cheer you up. Lost your wallet? Not an issue as long as you have our MAGGI Mashed Potato Complete Mix by your side! Now that could have been a bit of a stretch, but we definitely aren’t kidding when we say MAGGI Mashed Potato Complete Mix might just be the best instant creamy mashed potato you have ever had!

The secret to the best mashed potatoes? Nothing too fancy, just sacks after sacks of high-quality potatoes from Holland. Specially selected, peeled, steamed, then carefully dehydrated and packed, our creamy mashed potatoes are bain-marie stable and versatile to suit your everyday needs.

MAGGI Mashed Potato Complete Mix’s creamy and smooth texture resembles that of whipped potatoes, yet remains light and fluffy to satisfy the cravings of a mashed potato fanatic. Chefs can use this mix to create a great tasting basic that can be served with meats, shepherd pie, baked dishes such as quiche or deep-fried snacks such as croquettes. Even your grandma might give up making mashed potatoes by hand after she tries our oh-so-perfect creamy mashed potatoes. The best part? It comes together within the snap of a finger!

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Pack Size: 2.5KG x 6

Application: Perfect side dish for Western or Asian fusion dishes. Create multiple flavour variants by adding other preferred ingredients (e.g. ham, onions, garlic, truffle oil, grilled with cheese)

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Certification: HALAL

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