MILO Liquid Concentrate 1L (Tetra Pack)

The MILO® Liquid Concentrate is an extremely convenient way to recreate the smooth signature taste of MILO® drink in large batches and deliver goodness to your customers. MILO® is made from the natural goodness of malt, milk and cocoa – making it the perfect feel-good drink without any added guilt.

A cup of MILO® contains nutritious ingredients to give you the energy to go further every day. The MILO® Liquid Concentrate is prepared with care to ensure that it provides the vitamins and minerals that you and your customers are energized throughout the day. MILO® Liquid Concentrate is conveniently packed – just like how it’d remind you of energy-on-the-go, MILO® holds true to the promise of keeping you active even on-the-go!

Most of us grew up with the acquainted tasty, chocolatey goodness of MILO®. It is important to kickstart your day right with a good breakfast along with something simple yet nutritious like a cup of Hot or Iced MILO® to get all the energy you need. It is the perfect beverage to have alone or together with family, friends or even colleagues. The MILO® Liquid Concentrate is best served with our Nestlé Professional® EZ Care Machine.

Key Ingredients: Malt extract, cocoa & skimmed milk powder, sugar

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Pack Size: 12 x 1L

Application: For use in Nestlé Professional® EZ Care Machine

Shelf Life: 9 Months

Certification: HALAL, Healthier Choice Symbol Endorsed