Transform any basic dessert into a delightful surprise for your customers with KITKAT® Spread!

Certified by Rainforest Alliance and made with chocolate sourced through the NESTLÉ Cocoa Plan, the KITKAT® Spread is also Halal-Certified and contains no Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils.

The Perfect Chocolate Spread

Each tub of KITKAT® Spread contains the perfect blend of rich, delicious chocolate and crispy wafer pieces to deliver you the iconic KITKAT® texture.

This chocolate spread made from quality cocoa powder is also nut-free, suitable for your consumers who have a strict diet or are allergic to nuts.

An Extra Flavour to Your Dessert

A game changer for any dessert applications, the KITKAT® Spread is ready to use right out of the tub! It is also an easy spread that allows creativity and versatility in any form of application; from ice creams to baked pastries and even beverages.

Once you’ve used the KITKAT® chocolate spread, you will never look at dessert the same way again!

Enjoy the iconic taste of KITKAT® in the NESTLÉ KITKAT® spread that will leave you coming back for more.

Deliver Customer Satisfaction as a Foodservice

KITKAT® Spread is not just a chocolate spread. It is a staple in the world of chocolate today, a household brand that ignites nostalgia and joy.

Allow your customers to relish in this crunchy chocolate spread, with the different layers of textures putting a delicious twist on your desserts.

Incorporate the chocolate spread onto your pastries, cakes or blended beverages to give your customers a boost of flavour and guaranteed satisfaction!

Holding our Food Ingredients to High Standards

NESTLÉ is constantly searching for new ways to reach higher goals, upholding the importance of the quality of our products.

Each tub is filled with the dedication and love NESTLÉ invests into the craft of making chocolate, providing a memorable experience for your consumers.

KITKAT® Spread is here to be your partner in bringing mouth-watering desserts to your customers every day. Level up your desserts with this NESTLÉ chocolate spread, for your customers deserve only the best.