NESTLÉ DOCELLO Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 5KG

A smooth, rich and decadent hazelnut spread infused in a rich creamy chocolate finish, perfect for a wide variety of traditional or inspired desserts.

Rich, creamy and decadent
Hazelnut spread infused in rich milk chocolate

Highest quality hazelnuts
Made with the highest quality hazelnuts from Turkey

Versatile applications
Perfect as a topping or filling ingredient

Velvety smooth texture
 Smooth and consistent for easy spreading

Easy direct use
Use directly in applications

Create new recipes
Delight customers with inspired creations

Churros fillings/dip, spread on toast, chocolate hazelnut milk shake, waffle topping, ice cream topping, chocolate fountain, filling or infused into pastry

SAP Code | 12341799

Shelf Life | 12 Months

Certification | HALAL