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Nestlé Professional Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

The Nestlé Professional chocolate hazelnut spread brings to you the perfect blend of the deep hazelnut flavour profile and indulgent bliss from top quality milk chocolate.

The divine combination of indulgent milk chocolate and premium Turkish hazelnuts will bring about a wonderful explosion of flavours in your mouth! Velvety, smooth and consistent, this chocolate hazelnut spread from Nestlé promises to take your taste buds on a gleeful ride. Perfect for a wide variety of traditional and inspired desserts, this rich and decadent chocolate hazelnut spread can be had as a pie filling, in your morning sandwich or even on its own!

All it’d take is for you to taste it once and you’ll know why we are so proud of our chocolate hazelnut spread. Don’t say we haven’t warned you though, as no other chocolate hazelnut spread will taste as good again after you try the Nestlé Professional chocolate hazelnut spread infused in rich milk chocolate.

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Pack Size: 5KG

Application: Churros fillings/dip, spread on toast, chocolate hazelnut milkshake, waffle topping, ice cream topping, chocolate fountain, filling or infused into pastry 

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Certification: HALAL