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NESTUM All Family Cereal Original 1KG And 450G

The NESTUM all family cereal original is an equally delicious and nutritious multigrain cereal that people around the world have delighted in, for over 50 years. With its crunchy texture and a distinct, fragrant toasted cereal aroma in every flake, it is suitable for various cooking and dessert creations or even as a nutritious drink.

NESTUM all family cereal original is fortified with 13 vitamins and is made from the finest selection of whole wheat, multigrains, rice and corn – making every dish nutritious and delicious!

Continue to delight your palate with cereal-flavoured creations using meat or seafood, or by making sweet and savoury desserts with the NESTUM all family cereal original.

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Pack Size: 1KG x 6, 450G X 12

Application: Perfect for cereal prawns, cereal popcorn chicken, cereal fried rice, NESTUM cereal drink, topping for porridge, topping for ice cream

Shelf life: 1Kg packaging: 15 months / 450g packaging: 24 months

Certification: HALAL, Healthier Choice Symbol Endorsed