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Millennials and Cold Brew Coffee

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Why Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is non-conventional and an alternative brewing method that is popular with many. Sit yourself down in a quaint café and you’ll find yourself sipping on a well-brewed cold brew coffee, picking up a magazine or book you have always wanted to read. We all need room for quiet, pensive thinking with time to ourselves to reflect in the midst of hectic schedules and deadlines we scramble to meet. For avid coffee-lovers, there’s no better way to hit pause than to relax with a cup of coffee.

Millennials and Gen Z’s Purchasing Habits

It is notable that the cold brew coffee trend is largely dictated by Millennials and Gen Z shaking up the café scene. Millennials hold $200 billion in purchasing power each year, according to the National Coffee Association USA and the growth of cold brew shows no signs of slowing. Millennial Marketing reports that there was an increase in sales of cold brew by 115 percent from 2014 to 2015, resulting in $7.9 million in total revenue.  Well-learned and intuitive, Millennials enjoy connecting and catching up with their loved ones by sharing their insights to one another. Not wanting to miss out on what life has to offer, they can easily tell you what’s trending at their fingertips. They are a highly experiential bunch that prides themselves on the experiences they have been through and will not hesitate to pledge their loyalty to a brand once affinity is fostered.

Consumption Patterns of Cold Brew Coffee

As the coffee scene is always constantly evolving, many hipster cafes and restaurants now have cold brew coffee on their menus to cater to all kinds of coffee lovers. No matter is it drinking cold brew coffee while doing work on laptops, catching a mid-week breather, or having heartfelt conversations about the good old times – this has been a never-changing staple. You need something to perk you up or a mid-day energy booster? Everything else can wait. But first, cold brew coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee vs Iced Coffee

A common question one might ask is the difference between cold brew coffee and iced coffee. Cold brew coffee is up to 60% less acidic as the brewing relies on a longer preparation time, and produces a different flavor profile. On the other hand, iced coffee relies on temperature and the brewing process is completed in a few minutes. However, the downside of this is that iced coffee tastes acidic and bitter. Sounds interesting? It definitely is.

The Simplicity of Nescafe Cold Brew Coffee

The regular process of making cold brew coffee is no easy feat as a complex brewing apparatus is required and it takes a minimum of 10 hours steeping time. Nescafe® Cold Brew coffee has always been fuss-free and seamless as it eliminates the 12-24 hours of manual preparation so you can set your mind at ease to focus on what you do best. With a 28 days secondary shelf life when chilled in the concentrate format, wastage is also heavily minimized because this gives you the time to manage your inventory better. Prepare on demand with our black, unsweetened concentrate in a box – all you have to do is to add water! With simplicity at its best, it is no wonder that the Nescafe® Cold Brew will be the operator’s favourite beverage choice.


The Future of Cold Brew Coffee


In an ever-changing landscape and industry, it’s an exciting time to witness the future of cold brew coffee. Beyond a regular drink, it can be used in desserts, food, concoctions, and even as a base for some dishes. Hence, this wide array of selection creates more demand for cold brew coffee offerings amongst consumers. What is of utmost importance is that we help operators stay in trend and foster an all-inclusive coffee experience with consumers by continually innovating, reinventing and adapting. There are many things we can look forward to expect to see in the near future, whether is it the simplification of processes or creating groundbreaking methods and advancements. Collectively, our aim is to provide the best of experiences so we can all savour the goodness of cold brew coffee and gear up for what lies ahead.


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