Monday, November 1, 2021

Harvest Gourmet Plant-based

Who’s Your Plant-Based Consumer? 

Knowing your customer is the first and most vital step for any chef, before embarking on creating the plant-based menu.

  1. They eat (less) Meat
    Not all meat eaters are made equal. While vegans and vegetarians are naturally familiar with plant-based dishes, it is the flexitarians or those with a low-meat diet who are more open to and likely to embrace plant-based dining. And your most likely loyal customers? Look to the Generations X, Y and Z. 
  2. Go for the Younger Generation
    The younger generations are generally more open to choosing plant- based alternatives, especially as they care deeply about related topics such as sustainability and environmental responsibility. The increasing number of social media influencers or “green warriors” who constantly share the health-driven message have also put a positive spotlight on plant-based dining. Why not create a trending dish, such a plant-based Sando Sandwich, that appeals to this generation? 

  3. Asian Consumers are the Most Receptive
    If you are looking to introduce a plant-based menu, Asia is one of the best places to start! Asian consumers have a higher probability of choosing plant-based alternatives, as they are naturally familiar with meat alternatives made from soy. So don’t just stop at cooking Western dishes with plant-based ingredients. Start experimenting with Asian flavours, such as plant-based spicy wantons, too!