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Delicious Meat-free Alternatives
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Harvest Gourmet - Serve Something Sensational

Welcome to a new world of meat-free nutrition. HARVEST GOURMET® is a delicious range of meat alternatives that offers a versatile choice of products without compromise on taste and texture.

HARVEST GOURMET® allows you to offer delicious and easy to prepare options that can cater for every diner’s preferences and needs. Using high-quality ingredients, the HARVEST GOURMET® range delivers an appetising experience that provides a source of plant based protein and fibre. 

Why not try something new? Create inspiring and wonderful meat-free menu ideas and keep ahead of the trends for the future.

Good For You, Good For The Planet

As we believe that the more people will embrace plant-based food, the better the world will be. We provide delicious plant-based food to our customers that want to offer consumers who wish to reduce their meat intake and eat more plant-based food, to live a healthier lifestyle with a reduced impact on the environment.

We have challenged ourselves to achieve carbon neutrality in the near future to accelerate our contribution to the ambition we share with our consumers: making the world a better place while enjoying great food.

We at HARVEST GOURMET™ know that plant-based diet can contribute significantly to reduce the environmental footprint of the food system.



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Plant-Based Trends & Insights

Plant-based Menu Options

Plant Based Menu Ideas

Integrating more plants into your menu that your customers won't get tired of? Here are some ideas to expand your plant-based menu options.

Protein Source

Get Protein Sources for Vegetarians Right

What is protein? How are complentary proteins used across cultures?

Tips To Getting Started

About Harvest Gourmet
Everything You Need To Know About HARVEST GOURMET®

HARVEST GOURMET® is the delicious plant-based range that’s here to excite and intrigue your diners. We’ve created this information sheet so you can answer any questions your diners or your team may have about HARVEST GOURMET®.

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Make Your Menu Sensational!

Our delicious plant-based HARVEST GOURMET® range is here to delight your diners. Discover our tips on introducing HARVEST GOURMET® into your menu.

Multi stack sensational burger
All About The Harvest Gourmet® Sensational Burger

Harvest Gourmet® is the delicious plant-based range that's here to excite and intrigue your diners. We've created this information sheet so  you can answer any question your diners or your team may have about Harvest Gourmet®.