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Sjorar Mango Peach 1l Tetra Pack


The NESTLÉ® SJORA® drink is a premium, refreshing beverage made from a blend of milk and fruit juices.

SJORA® juice offers a healthier alternative to your regular carbonated drinks and what’s more, it is a nutritional product that is light and easy on the taste – a drink that instantly uplifts your mood! It is also a drink that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. 

NESTLÉ® SJORA® drink is great when served cold, usually over ice, and is the perfect beverage for warm, tropical weathers – just like here in Singapore. NESTLÉ® SJORA®’s exciting fusion of milk and fruit juices, their fruity aromas and bright and sunny colours, are reminiscent of sunshine in a cup! That is why SJORA® drinks serve as the perfect drink to welcome your mornings, perk-up your mood in the afternoon and de-stress in the evenings.

NESTLÉ® SJORA® drinks are currently available in Mango Peach and Strawberry Kiwi flavours, with new exciting flavours in the pipeline. These vibrant and unique flavours also serve as an ideal base for creating multiple ice-blended beverages that will surely delight consumers as they offer a tastier, healthier and better-for-you alternative in the menus.