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Our food categories


Create great menus with our perfect solutions
  • Stocks and Seasonings

    Stocks and Seasonings

    Comes ready with a blend of herbs, and spices to elevate your dish
  • Sauces


    Enhances flavours and textures to any dish on your menu
  • Dairy


    Both nutritious and shelf-stable making it ideal for baking and cooking
  • Sides & on-the-go

    Sides & on-the-go

    Ideal for a swift pick-me-up or a quick meal
  • Cereal Mixes

    Cereal Mixes

    Nutritious breakfast and snacks to kickstart the day
  • Dessert spreads & toppings

    Dessert spreads & toppings

    These rich spreads and toppings will complement nearly any dessrt