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Seafood Paella


A taste of the good life.



Buitoni food is built on the foundation of high versatility which allows foodservice professionals to impress customers with a wide variety of Asian dishes.

Humble Beginnings of NESTLÉ Buitoni

Founded in 1827, Buitoni started when Giulia Buitoni and her husband, Giovan Battista Buitoni opened a modest pasta shop in Sansepolcro, Italy, which quickly became a town favorite. Dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients to make delicious pastas and sauces, their pasta quickly attracted buyers from far and wide to their quaint little shop. Customers from in and around Italy started to love the simple authenticity of the Italian flavours offered by Buitoni, and the brand became highly popular over the years.

Today, Buitoni has grown to reach family tables around the globe and their popularity continues. However, the dedication to quality and inventiveness that the brand was founded on, has never wavered. We believe – just as Giulia did – those great and simple ingredients, together with culinary expertise, make for the very best Italian food!

The Buitoni food company brings you a taste of Italy, with great quality and prices.

A Healthier Choice

We promise to deliver freshly made products with simple and quality ingredients. Our products do not contain GMO ingredients, making our brand environmentally friendly and different from other brands!

Buitoni is a household brand bringing joy to millions of people around the globe. Without having to start from scratch, serve up delicious Buitoni dishes that never cease to disappoint. 

Our Products Are Versatile & Convenient

The NESTLÉ Buitoni brand is inspired by traditional Italian cuisine and has stood the test of time. Whether it's a freshly baked pizza or a zesty Sweet and Sour Pork, Buitoni can help you impress your customers with its versatility.

Provide The Best for Your Consumers

Buitoni is the ideal product for foodservice professionals because of its ease of use and versatility allowing time saved in the kitchen. It enables you to enhance the lives of customers, inspiring them to savour life through food – the Italian way. Experience the true, authentic flavours of Italian tradition and quality with NESTLÉ Buitoni and create dishes that will delight your guests and keep them coming back for more!