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BUITONI Tomato Coulis 3KG

The rich tradition of making authentic, fresh and delicious Italian recipes by Buitoni first started in Sansepolcro, Italy more than 175 years ago. Now, the ritual lives on with every can of BUITONI tomato coulis.

Made from quality tomatoes that are sustainably grown and harvested from the Extremadura region in Spain, our BUITONI tomato coulis is packed with intense tomato flavours and is made from 6kg of fresh, perfectly ripened and juiciest tomatoes. Its naturally light, sour-sweet tomato taste with real tomato chunks makes BUITONI tomato coulis sauce a versatile ingredient and the perfect base for various applications. Made with sunflower oil and pre-seasoned with fresh herbs and spices; it contains no artificial colouring or added MSG.

With our healthier choice endorsed premium BUITONI tomato coulis sauce, you get a hearty and healthy meal - the best of both worlds, whilst also saving up on time and cost!

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Pack size: 3KG x 6

Application: Pasta sauce, pizza topping, stews, bruschetta, the base for sauces and dips, tomato soup. Also suitable for Asian dishes — just add sambal, curry or any other Asian flavours

Shelf Life: 27 Months

Certification: HALAL, Healthier Choice Symbol Endorsed

Additional Information

Rich, Concentrated Purée - A Refreshing Choice 

Buitoni Tomato Coulis is a flavour rich purée perfect for your restaurant, so your customers can experience the finest taste of Italy. 

A Versatile Ingredient 

This ready-to-use roasted tomato coulis is a perfect mix of convenience and quality, giving you the ability to fire out dishes at breakneck speeds, even during the busiest service.

Use the tomato coulis for a wide variety of dishes. From pastas and tomato soup, to creating Asian flavours such as curry and sambal! Amaze your customers with the richness of the sauce, which can also be paired with your chosen pasta or fish. The Buitoni Tomato Coulis invokes excitement in your dishes that keeps your customers coming back for more!

The Buitoni Tomato Coulis is here to be your partner in any fine dining, creating dishes that appeal to the most refined palates.

Overall, this roasted and sun-dried tomato coulis adds an extra flavour to your dishes that ignites customers' appetites with a hint of spice. Buitoni Tomato Coulis creates mouth-watering dishes that taste just as good as they look for your consumers’ satisfaction.