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MAGGI Chicken Seasoning Powder (Premium Recipe) 1KG

Get the taste of real chicken with our premium recipe MAGGI Chicken Seasoning Powder – for that distinctive chicken flavour we all know and love. Perfect for all kinds of dishes, this seasoning powder for chicken is bound to make your dishes truly delectable and extra delicious!

Dissolving easily in hot or cold applications, our chicken flavour seasoning powder is made with real chicken using a premium recipe that draws out the delicate notes of long-boiled chicken. Full-flavoured and complementing the natural flavour of raw ingredients, our seasoning powder for chicken is extremely versatile for use in many cuisines. The natural flavour of meat dishes is enhanced by using our chicken flavour seasoning powder, creating an extraordinary taste that astounds the senses.

Braised seafood and meats, chicken rice, double-boiled chicken soup and even marinade for meats - our chicken flavour seasoning powder is perfect for any dish! Give your dishes the taste of real chicken. MAGGI Chicken Seasoning Powder is truly suitable for busy kitchens! 

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Pack Size: 1KG x 6 

Application: Braised seafood and meats, fried noodles, fried rice, chicken rice, double-boiled chicken soup, stir-fried vegetables, marinade for meats

Shelf Life: 12 Months 

Certification: HALAL

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