As Singapore’s favourite drink since 1950s, MILO® should need no further introduction, but we are going to do so anyway! Rain or shine, MILO® never fails to bring comfort to one’s soul with its rich and familiar chocolatey taste. Synonymous with the childhood of many locals, this drink has been the go-to breakfast or snack drink for generations, and many more to come.

Why is everyone so obsessed with MILO® you may ask? Apart from its velvety texture and yummy-licious taste, MILO® is packed with nutrients such as Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12 and calcium which are quintessential for energy production and bone growth. Enriched with ACTIV-GO® and PROTOMALT®, a unique malt extract found only in MILO®, get ready to reach new heights with this ubiquitous drink that has won the hearts of many!

Now available in a signature green MILO® pouch (1.2KG), making it easier to serve a delectable cup of MILO® anytime, anywhere! This lighter, pack-sized MILO® pouch ensures that your customers will be able to have their favourite MILO®  drink on-the-go. Delight your customers, wherever they may be, with the MILO® pouch.

Key Ingredients: PROTOMALT® Malt Extract (contains Barley), Skimmed Milk, Cocoa and 6 vitamins & 3 minerals

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Pack Size: 12 x 1.2KG

Application: Mix with hot water

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Certification: HALAL, Healthier Choice Symbol Endorsed