NESCAFÉ Attimo Bean To Cup Total Coffee Solution (FTS60E)

NESCAFÉ® Attimo Bean to Cup Total Coffee Solution FTS60E is your automatic coffee machine that will bring a sophisticated coffee experience to your customers.

Easy to use and customisable for businesses, the NESCAFÉ® Attimo Bean to Cup Total Coffee Solution is here to be your coffee partner to help you grow your business. Choose from a range of our master roaster’s pick of whole roasted beans to pamper your customers with an indulgent cup of coffee. You will also have the options to include in popular beverages such as Japanese green tea, teh tarik, white coffee and even soya bean milk to add excitement to your beverage menu.


  • Whole roasted coffee beans + Soluble Solution
  • Choice of 8 hot beverages
  • Interactive Touchscreen Menu
  • Customisable cup sizes
  • Energy-saving
  • Different in-cup temperatures


  • Height 66.6 cm
  • Depth 59.9 cm
  • Width 42.2 cm
  • Weight 34.4 kg

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*Only NESCAFÉ® Espresso Whole Roasted Coffee Beans are allowed to be used with this coffee machine. Other terms and conditions apply.

Enhanced Hygiene Measure

Antimicrobial coating has been applied on the touchscreen or buttons of this machine to provide you added protection. Daily cleaning of the treated surfaces with water, detergent and cloth will not remove this protective layer.