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NESCAFÉ Espresso Whole Roasted Coffee Beans

NESCAFÉ Espresso whole roasted coffee beans are a very well-balanced blend of Arabicas from Colombia and Brazil, and Robusta from Vietnam, roasted by our master roaster for Nestlé Professional®. With its full-bodied espresso taste and hints of dark chocolate and hazelnut notes, this signature blend is great for both, black and white cups.

You can pick from our choice of black cups ranging from espresso, Americano, long black and mocha. Our NESCAFÉ Espresso whole roasted coffee beans will be a pampering experience for your customers looking for an indulgent coffee experience! For white cups, NESCAFÉ Espresso whole roasted coffee beans is a great match with our Nestle range of dairy products. You can expect thick and creamy coffee if you select fresh milk or semi-skimmed milk. Skimmed milk is more suited for those, who prefer a lighter white cup with thinner textures.

You can now easily customize the range of beverages for your business by using our NESCAFÉ Espresso whole roasted coffee beans along with our assortment of bean-to-cup coffee solutions. Brew cafe-style coffee and beverages easily with our solutions to produce consistent, quality end cups that will entice your customers to keep coming back for more!

Key Ingredients: 100% Whole roasted coffee beans

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Pack Size: 6 x 1KG

Application: For use in NESCAFÉ® R&G Solutions

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Certification: HALAL, Healthier Choice Symbol Endorsed