NESTEA House Blend Iced Tea

If any drink is tailor-made for the hot summer, it’s the NESTEA® House Blend Iced Tea! With a real brewed tea profile and appearance, NESTEA® House Blend Iced Tea is slightly tart but utterly refreshing, which is no wonder it is such a total crowd-pleaser.

Made with natural ingredients like real honey and calamansi, NESTEA® House Blend Iced Tea is the perfect example of how a classic drink like iced tea can be kicked up a notch by incorporating some yummy goodness from nature. A pure delight to have in restaurants and commercial outlets, the NESTEA® House Blend Iced Tea is bound to invigorate your senses and wow your guests – keeping them coming back for more!

An absolute cinch to make, simply add water into NESTEA® House Blend Iced Tea mix to reconstitute and…voila! You have in your hands the ultimate go-to summer elixir, or should we say, “Your Next Summer Obsession”?

Key Ingredients: Sugar, Calamansi Powder, Black Tea, Honey Powder

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Pack Size: 12 x 200G

Application: For use in Nestlé Professional® EZ Care Machine

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Certification: HALAL