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We want the best for your guests as much as you do, so much so that we have designed the NESTLÉ CoolPro keeping your business needs in mind. Specially made to consistently deliver delicious and freshly chilled drinks, this all-in-one device is the best drinks dispenser that you can find in the market for you and your valued guests. 

Barely have time to take a breather with too many tasks to look after? Leave it to NESTLÉ CoolPro to take care of your chilled beverages! With the NESTLÉ CoolPro being able to hold two 4L bag-in-box concentrates, our flexible dispensing options and unbelievably simple operation will allow your guests to help themselves to the drinks and make them just the way they like so that you don’t have to worry about keeping your guests refreshed and hydrated. 

To top it all, no manual mixing is required for NESTLÉ CoolPro, which means more time on your hands to entertain your guests while serving hygienic and yummy-licious drinks! The NESTLÉ CoolPro can be placed at the front or the back of your house, depending on the occasion and your convenience.


  • Holds two 4L bag-in-box concentrates
  • No manual mixing required
  • Flexible dispensing options
  • Multiple cup size feature
  • Portion control



  • Height 76.0 cm
  • Depth 56.5 cm
  • Width 31.1 cm
  • Weight 50.0 kg

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