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NESTLÉ EZ Care 1.1 (Single/Mini Twin)

Here at Nestlé Professional®, we offer a variety of cold, non-carbonated beverage programs. Our wide selection of juices, drinks, teas, enhanced flavoured waters and other on-trend beverages is perfectly complemented by the NESTLÉ® EZ Care dispenser, which is efficient, easy to use and reliable.

The NESTLÉ® EZ Care dispenser is your complete cold beverage solution. It is a must-have machine that offers a wide variability of beverages to refresh and delight your customers. You can now save on labour cost with this easy-to-maintain machine – as it allows you to clean 50% faster than other traditional dispensers.

NESTLÉ® EZ Care allows you to have the option to offer healthier choice beverages to your customers. This powerful fuss-free machine offers 1 (single) or 2 (mini twin) beverages with a bowl capacity of 18L. Be sure to give your customers the best cold solutions machine with the NESTLÉ® EZ Care!


  • Choice of 1 (Single) or 2 (Mini Twin) Beverages
  • Bowl capacity of 18L




  • Height 67.0cm
  • Depth 52.0 cm
  • Width 32.0 cm
  • Weight 28.0 kg



  • Height 67.0 cm
  • Depth 52.0 cm
  • Width 32.0 cm
  • Weight 32.0 kg

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