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Nestlé Semi-Skimmed Milk Powder

Having invested over 100 years of dairy expertise and excellence, our Nestlé semi-skimmed milk powder contains all the natural goodness for you to enjoy. Perfect for producing smooth and velvety froth, our milk powder ensures that all your thick and creamy coffee-loving customers out there get to indulge in their caffeine boost without any sense of guilt!

The Nestlé semi-skimmed milk powder is suited for all Nestlé Professional hot solutions machines, and dispenses consistent and quality end-cup, every single time. Expect a completely hassle-free, easy to maintain the solution in your coffee preparation with the Nestlé semi-skimmed milk powder! Light and refreshing, the Nestlé semi-skimmed milk powder is what’s possibly the one of best semi-skimmed milk powder you can find in town!

Key Ingredients: 100% Cow’s Milk

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Pack Size: 10 x 500G

Application: For use in NESCAFÉ® R&G or Soluble Solutions

Shelf Life: 18 Months

Certification: HALAL